Collins Elevators Provides Food Elevator for Shawarmer Restaurant in Egypt Elevator Project Expands Company’s Reach to Middle East Collins Elevators recently completed a food elevator installation project for a Shawarmer restaurant in Egypt. The project is a significant milestone for the company, as it marks its expansion into the Middle East market. The elevator is a four-passenger, hydraulic elevator with a capacity of 1,000 pounds. It has a smooth, quiet ride and is equipped with all the latest safety features. The elevator is designed to transport food and supplies to the restaurant’s kitchen. It is located in the back of the restaurant, and is accessible only to employees. “We are proud to have been selected to provide this elevator for Shawarmer,” said Islam Fayad, President of Collins Elevators. “This project is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality elevator products and services to our customers around the world.” The elevator project was completed on time and within budget. The client was very pleased with the results. Find world Best Services & Resources! Contact Collins Elevators today to learn more about our elevator design, installation, and maintenance services. Contact Us